The Art of Eating magazine was launched by Edward Behr as a “food letter” in 1986. Over a dozen years it grew into a magazine, today a digital magazine, with contributors around the world. The subject is the best food and wine — what they are, how they are produced, where to find them (farms, markets, shops, and restaurants). The magazine covers some of the most cutting-edge cooking, but it’s anchored in traditional food and wine, created when people had more time and food was more central to happiness than it is today.

Underlying the articles is a belief in simplicity — on farms and in workshops and kitchens, what’s treated least usually tastes best. Food and wine like that show a sense of place that comes from soil, climate, tradition, and all the local influences that as a group exist nowhere else. Edward Behr remains the editor and publisher of The Art of Eating.
cover image of The Art of Eating Issue 93