Edward Behr writes about food and wine and is the editor and publisher of The Art of Eating magazine. In the 1970s, as part of the back-to-the-land movement of the time, he moved to rural northern Vermont, where he worked as a carpenter for a dozen years before he realized that he had a deep interest in food. In 1986, he published the first issue of The Art of Eating, in the form of an eight-page black-and-white newsletter. Slowly, the publication grew, and today it is one of the most respected and influential magazines about food and wine, now in digital form, with subscribers and contributors around the world.

Behr's writing, like the magazine, focuses on taste — the magazine was the first to stress the important connection between taste and place. Behr has written about the most cutting-edge food, but the subjects he cares most deeply about are traditional, above all bread, cheese, and wine. He has written about many of the best farmers and food artisans in France, Italy, and the United States. His article “The Lost Taste of Pork,” when it appeared in the magazine in 1999, caused the fast-casual chain Chipotle to switch from conventional to humanely raised pork, creating the first major US market for farmers who produce decent pork, which by no coincidence is also the most delicious.

Behr has been featured in publications ranging from The New York Times and The Atlantic to Forbes and The Financial Times. He speaks internationally on food and culture. He is the author of books, including The Art of Eating Cookbook, 50 Foods: A Guide to Deliciousness, and The Food & Wine of France. In 2014, he was inducted into the James Beard Foundation’s Who’s Who of Food and Beverage in America. Behr lives in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont with his wife, Kimberly and their sons, Max and Zane.
Photograph of Edward Atherton Behr, Jr.